Ed Consultants Lab® Online Workshop

Registration for my next six-week Ed Consultants Lab online workshop opens January 24, 2025 at 8 am Pacific time. This workshop is asynchronous and self-paced with no set meeting time.

You can choose between standard 4-month access for $1,197 or extended 12-month access for $1,436.40. The workshop begins on February 10, 2025 and ends on March 22, 2025. Standard access to the workshop content continues until May 30, 2025 and extended access continues until February 10, 2026.

If you have any questions or need more flexibility, please email me at robert@robertkaplinsky.com.

Registration opens January 24, 2025 at 8 am Pacific Time


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What This Online Workshop Has To Offer

Module 1: How Do I Get Started?

How will this help me? We'll explore how to get others to see you as someone they want to hire, how to choose the right kind of work, and how you get started.  

What will I learn?

  • How do I become an educational consultant?
  • What kind of consulting work is right for me?
  • How do I get others to see me as a thought leader?
  • Do I really need things like a business license, fictitious business name statement, business entity (such as an LLC or corporation), federal tax ID, business bank account, business credit card, business insurance, business cards, website, and social media?

Module 2: How Do I Grow My Business?

How will this help me? When more people know about you and your work, you'll get more opportunities and better pay. Here's are the steps to make it happen.  

What will I learn?

  • How do I find clients?
  • How do I develop my brand?
  • What do I need on my website?
  • How do I take advantage of social media?
  • How do I build my audience?
  • How do I turn my audience into fans?

Module 3: How Do I Negotiate With Clients?

How will this help me? Discussing what you're going to do for clients and how much you'll get paid is rarely fun but always important. Let's walk through the entire process.  

What will I learn?

  • How do we decide what I'll do?
  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I consult internationally?
  • How do I earn more money in less time?
  • Why is a contract absolutely necessary?
  • Who do I turn to when I need help?

Module 4: How Do I Prepare For Success?

How will this help me? Repeat and referral business will be key to your success, so here are my tips for impressing your clients and exceeding their expectations.  

What will I learn?

  • How can I be knowledgeable without being a know-it-all?
  • How do I make amazing presentations?
  • How do I exceed my clients' expectations? 

Module 5: How Do I Take Care Of Myself?

How will this help me? Being a consultant can be mentally and emotionally taxing with few people who genuinely understand what you're going through. Here are some tips.  

What will I learn?

  • How do I transition from not being a consultant to a part-time consultant?
  • How do I transition from part-time to full-time consultant?
  • How do I work smarter, not harder?
  • What happens when I feel like a fake?
  • How do I balance working for others and making time to create something new?

Module 6: How Do I Work Towards Long Term Goals?

How will this help me? Eventually you may find yourself in a grind you can't seem to break out of. Here's how to break the cycle and find long term success.  

What will I learn?

  • How do I surround myself with people rooting for me?
  • How do I know what to spend my time on?
  • What happens when I want to change the kinds of work I do?
  • How do I generate other kinds of consulting revenue?

What Participants Say About The Workshop

"I’ve been frustrated and confused by contract negotiation, but not anymore. The single lesson on 'How much should I charge?' is worth the price of this workshop, and there are 34 other lessons! I now feel confident with any conversation about my prices and services."

– Berkeley Everett

"Before taking Robert’s workshop, I felt like an outsider to the consultancy world. It seemed that people had some secret knowledge that I didn’t. Listening to Robert describe his early mistakes and misconceptions put me at ease. He really has the desire to help people avoid pitfalls.

He helped me reflect on ways to share my thinking and grow my exposure in order to find clients, helping them learn what I do.  His lesson on contracts and how much to charge clients helped me think strategically about ways to increase my earnings and protect my own interests."

– Marian Dingle

"This workshop is packed with practical suggestions, tricks of the trade, and expert advice. As someone who has been consulting for several years, I learned something in every module that I wish I would have known at the start of my consulting career. The workshop easily pays for itself in value."

– Shannon Kiebler

"I wanted to take my consulting to the next level but without anyone to guide me, I kept second guessing myself. This workshop was a great fit for me because while there are other business and marketing related professional development options, they aren’t specifically in educational consulting. So it was refreshing to hear ideas presented by someone in the same 'game' as me!

The lessons helped me think through my decisions and made me feel like I am on the 'right track.' I feel relieved, confident, and ready to move forward in my career! I’m not second guessing myself now. I have a plan, I know some of the pitfalls to try to avoid, and I feel excited about the future."

– Ange Rogers

"I registered for this workshop because I had NO idea how to get started in the consulting business. From the first lesson, I realized what a worthwhile investment Robert's workshop was. The tools and strategies in every single lesson have given me clear answers to everything I knew I didn't know and so much more direction in areas that weren't even in my purview!

I have so much more confidence in myself and knowledge of how to make my dream a reality. In only two months since beginning the workshop, I have already accomplished more than I would have in an entire year on my own!"

– Nolan Fossum

What My Peers Say About Me

"Robert, has the keen ability to work with any educational consultant regardless of where they are on the experience continuum. He utilizes an effective forward thinking approach that allows educational consultants the opportunity to learn, grow, and impact the field of education."

Dr. Kristopher J. Childs

"Robert is passionate about supporting colleagues and is so generous! He is incredibly knowledgeable, and his advice really helped me get started when I was beginning to consult."

– Tracy Zager

"When starting my consulting business, I was overwhelmed with how to start, what to do next, and how to move forward. I was searching for answers and often questioned every decision I made. Robert's help was a great catalyst for me moving forward in my business. His insights, tools, well-packed questions, and relevant perspectives drawn from years of experience were genuinely invaluable to my journey. In so many areas, I made huge strides in my consulting business with confidence because of Robert."

– Rosalba McFadden

"Since 2014, no one has helped me empower teachers more than Robert. By sharing his own experiences, I've been able to navigate my own consulting journey while keeping my future goals and blind spots in sight."

– Graham Fletcher

Bonuses Only Available In This Workshop

Live Question and Answer Chat on 3/25/25 at 5 pm Pacific time

Want my thoughts on your specific questions? Have unique circumstances you need help thinking through? Let's talk about them in a one-hour live chat that's just for you and other participants.

Contract Example

Figuring out what you need in a contract is challenging. I'll include my three-page contract as an example so you can get ideas to discuss with your lawyer and potentially include in your own contract.

My Guarantee


I will take you step-by-step through the entire educational consulting process so that you know how to get started, how to grow your business, and how to set yourself up for long term success and stability.


I estimate an average of ~2 hours of work each week for the six-week workshop. You have access to the workshop content for 4 months with normal access and 12 months with extended access.


If you complete my workshop and do not learn anything you can use as an educational consultant, email me at robert@robertkaplinsky.com within 10 business days of the workshop ending and I will give you a full refund.

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Hi, I’m Robert. As an educational consultant since 2012, I’ve trained teachers around the world in person and through online workshops, written the book Open Middle Math: Problems That Unlock Student Thinking, am an author on two high school math textbook series, and have been published in Edutopia and Education Week.

I’m also the president of Grassroots Workshops and creator of the #ObserveMe movement.


Past Clients


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learning about the workshop

This workshop is for both aspiring and current educational consultants. I'll share strategies you can immediately use no matter where you are in your career, whether you're just beginning the process, looking to grow your client list, or want to find more balance and sustainable long-term opportunities via passive income. Regardless of where you are at, you will find that the strategies are relevant and applicable to your situation.

This is an online workshop, so you need to have an Internet connected device and feel comfortable browsing websites. Most devices including computers, tablets (such as iPads), and phones should have no problem using the site.

You will need to have the ability to watch videos online and some organizations (like school districts) block websites that play videos. If you can see the video at the top of the page, you're probably going to be fine.

Also, please ensure that emails from info@grassrootsworkshops.com will be received and not go to your SPAM folder.

Registering for the workshop

To register using a purchase order, click on one of the "Yes, I want to register!!" buttons and continue through the checkout process. Choose the "Purchase Order" payment option, list who Grassroots Workshops should follow up with for payment, and then complete the checkout process.

The person you list as the follow up person should receive an email with a receipt soon afterwards. That person can use the link in the email to submit the purchase order number or pay via check or credit card.

Checks should be made payable to Grassroots Workshops and sent to:
703 Pier Ave
Suite B362
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

I totally get that a two-week window can be problematic sometimes. If you need more time, email me at robert@robertkaplinsky.com about your situation and in most cases, we can usually find a way to make this work.

I want this workshop to be accessible to everyone. So, please email me at robert@robertkaplinsky.com, explain your situation, and we'll see what we can work out.

You should receive two emails shortly after you register. One email will be your receipt from Grassroots Workshops, where the workshop is hosted. Another email will be from me and will have all the information you'll need to get started. At the bottom of that email will be a button you can click to get started.

If you already have a Grassroots Workshops account, you'll be able to log in. Otherwise you'll get to set up your account and then log in. There you'll be able to check out the welcome video, download the resources including the bonus, and get ready for when the workshop officially begins.

I only run this workshop once a year in the Spring. If you're unable to register this time, it will be offered again next Spring. If you want to register at some other time of the year, please email me at robert@robertkaplinsky.com and we can discuss possibilities.

The workshop experience

This is not a workshop where you never hear from me again after you sign up. In addition to sending out emails and sharing videos about what to expect from each module, I will be very engaged on the message board and interact with posted questions and comments. Please email me at robert@robertkaplinsky.com at any time if you are not receiving the attention you need. There's also a one-hour live question and answer session where you can ask me questions live (or pre-submit them) so that you're certain you're getting your questions answered.

Yes, all videos used in this workshop have closed captions entered by hand.

No. This workshop is set up so that you can do it at any time of the day or night. The only exception is the optional live question and answer session. You can submit your questions ahead of time and it will be recorded. So you can watch the answers to your questions and others later if you can't join it live.

I estimate that it will take about 2 hours each week for the six-week workshop, for a total of around 12 hours. This includes watching the roughly 3.5 hours of video content, taking the recommended actions, and exploring the notes. This does not include the actual work of building your business.

There are no homework or extra assignments that are required by this workshop. However I do provide suggestions and guidelines for an extensive amount of work you can use to build your business. I also have optional books that I recommend for each module to extend your learning.

After the workshop ends

No, this workshop is not available for professional development credits.

Yes. After the workshop is over, participants will be able to download an electronic Certificate of Participation (or Certificate of Completion if you complete the workshop). It will list the date, the number of hours you completed, your name, my workshop's name, and my name. If you need any other information on your certificate, just email info@grassrootsworkshops.com and explain what you need to have added.

If you complete my workshop and do not learn anything you can use as an educational consultant, email me at robert@robertkaplinsky.com within 10 business days of the workshop ending and I will give you a full refund. If you didn't complete the lessons, then a refund would not be possible.

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